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Turkey Postcode History

The Post and Telegraph Organization (PTT) is Turkey's postal organization serving as the general directorate.

The first postal organization was established on October 23, 1840 as a Ministry to respond to the postal needs of all the people of the Ottoman Empire and foreigners as a result of the developments with the Tanzimat Fermanı. The first post office was opened in the courtyard of the New Mosque in Istanbul under the name of Postahane-i Amire. The first civil servants Süleyman Ağa, the collector Sofyalı Ağyazar were appointed as translators to translate the addresses of the mails written in non-Turkish. Following the invention of the telegraph in 1843, the telegraph service started in Turkey 11 years later, and a separate Telegraph Directorate was established in 1855 to discipline this service.

PTT has put into practice the Rapid Transit System, which is planned to be spread all over Turkey by being used instead of KGS and OGS on bridges and highways as of 17 September 2012. With the HGS tags, which can be purchased from all PTT branches in Turkey, the waiting time in KGS and OGS has been completely eliminated, thus preventing the loss of time and fuel in all bridges and highways, especially in Istanbul's bridges.

Mail delivery and postal service in Turkey is handled by the Ptt Turkish Post (opens in a new tab).

About Turkey

Turkey is a country that has three sides that touch the sea. The Mediterranean Sea is in the south, the Aegean Sea is in the west, the Black Sea is in the north, and the Marmara Sea is in the northwest. The Bosphorus and the Dardanelles are in the Marmara Sea, which is in Turkey's territorial waters.

Turkey, which is officially called the Republic of Turkey, is a country in both Europe and Asia. It shares borders with Bulgaria in the northwest, Greece in the west, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran in the east, Georgia in the northeast, Syria in the south, and Iraq in the southeast.

The weather in Turkey is different in different parts of the country. The weather is mild all over the country. In the area around the Black Sea, the weather is mild and rainy. The climate in the south and around the Aegean Sea is Mediterranean, while the climate in the interior, east, and southeast is continental.

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya are some of the cities that people visit the most. You can go to Turkey at any time of year. If you want to go to the beach and see the country, you should go during the summer. But if you want to ski and play in the snow, you can go in the winter.

Its food is different in different parts of the country. There are many different food cultures, like the cuisine of the Black Sea and Southeast Asia. It has soups, dishes with meat and vegetables, breads, and sweets. Tea and Turkish coffee are two of the most important drinks.

How to find Turkey Postal Code?

With up to 2 different clicks Turkey postal codes can be found. Regions such as Akdeniz, Doğu Anadolu, Ege, Güneydoğu Anadolu, İç Anadolu, Karadeniz, Marmara are categorized as a list. Click on the regions in which the sub administrative section you want to find the Turkey postal code or Turkey zip code is. On the next page, continue by clicking similarly on the sub-administrative regions.

Each regions uses a postal code to deliver mail to addresses. This service is usually provided by the post offices in that area. If your shipment is a cargo, there are institutions that provide this transfer. Click on the area you are looking to find the correct postcode for the address in Turkey. Thus, the most accurate Turkey postal codes can be learned.

Turkey Postal Codes in May 2024

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FAQ for Turkey Postal Codes

What is Turkey postal code or Turkey zip code?
Regions such as Akdeniz, Doğu Anadolu, Ege, Güneydoğu Anadolu, İç Anadolu, Karadeniz, Marmara are categorized as a list. Click on the regions in which the sub administrative section you want to find the Turkey postal code or Turkey zip code is.
How do I track my parcel, package from Turkey?
Official designated operator postal office is Ptt Turkish Post in Turkey. For track your parcel or package where send from Turkey, visit the Ptt Turkish Post homepage. Ptt Turkish Post homepage is https://www.ptt.gov.tr/.
What is the official name of Turkey postal service or office?
Official name of Turkey postal service is Ptt Turkish Post.
How do I contact Turkey post office?
Visit the Ptt Turkish Post website and get in touch from the contact page. Website of Ptt Turkish Post is https://www.ptt.gov.tr/.
Are all Turkey zip codes or postal codes 5 digits or characters?
Yes, all of postal codes are 5 digits or characters. Turkey postal code format is #####.
Which is the capital city of Turkey?
Capital city of Turkey is Ankara.
What is Turkey area code?
International area code of Turkey is +90.
What do Turkey mobile numbers start with?
All Turkey telephone numbers start with +90.